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Ernst Neizvestny - The tribe of Simeon (1978)

Ernst Neizvestny - The tribe of Simeon (1978)

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Ernst Neizvestny Original Hand-Pulled 9 colors RARE Lithograph "The tribe of Simeon" (1978)

Ernst Neizvestny's 1978 lithograph, The Tribe of Simeon, is a rare and unique piece of art. Hand-pulled in nine colors, this lithograph is a stunning example of Neizvestny's work.

 It is a must-have for any collector of Neizvestny's work, or for anyone looking to add a unique and beautiful piece to their home or office.

Hedonism Gallery offers a wide selection of art from renowned artists, including Ernst Neizvestny. Browse our selection of original lithographs, prints, and sculptures to find the perfect piece for your collection.

  • Year: 1978
  • Original 9 colors Lithograph, unframed.
  • Limited Edition of 300, epreuve d’artiste (E.A.)
  • Hand signed and numbered in pencil by artist.
  • Mint Condition: Fold in the center, there is a small trace of rust on the left side of the white field (not in the picture). Please watch the video.
  • 18 x 24 in (46 x  61 cm)

    AP (artist’s proof)  

    Also sometimes called by its French name, epreuve d’artiste, or EA, this is effectively a test print for the artist to check the plate from which the final image is printed.

    Ironically, in the early days of printmaking, these were often the best quality versions, as there was no wear and tear on the plates at this early stage. Usually the first 20 or so of a print run, numbered separately to the main limited edition run, they were often kept by the artist or sold later.
    Technology has, of course, moved on, and now an entire run of litho or giclée prints will all be of the same high quality. Many artists, though, still enjoy the tradition of having a special artist’s proof edition, and the value of them lies not in their quality, but in owning a rare print. This rarity makes them much sought-after by collectors.

    Artist’s proofs are clearly signalled on the reproduction. A run of 20 artist’s proofs would be numbered 1/20 AP to 20/20 AP (or very similar) and will cost rather more than a limited edition – perhaps an additional 20% to 50%.

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