Mihail Chemiakin - Carnival in St. Petersburg, Suite of 5 Lithographs (1988) - Lithograph, Mihail Chemiakin - Hedonism Gallery

Soviet nonconformist art

Soviet nonconformist art was Soviet art produced in the former Soviet Union outside the control of the Soviet state started in the Stalinist era, in particular, outside of the rubric of Socialist Realism. Other terms used to refer to this phenomenon are Soviet counterculture, "underground art" or "unofficial art".

Ernst Neizvestny

ארנסט נייזבסטני

ארנסט איוסיפוביץ' נייזבסטני (1925 - 2016) היה פסל, צייר, אמן גרפי ופילוסוף... 

Oleg Tselkov

Oleg Tselkov (1934 — 2021) One of the leading figures of Soviet unofficial art, Oleg Tselkov developed a distinguished and immediately recognisable artistic language, in spite of the constraints of the oppressive autocratic regime, and continued to mature in the Soviet Union and during his semi-forced immigration to France in 1977. As the artist recounts: ‘I proved to myself and to others that even under totalitarian communist pressure one can preserve one’s courage, individuality and do one’s work in keeping with one’s own preferences and taste. Although a whole system was created to prevent the appearance of individuals like me, not only I existed, but I had held out. And I was not the only one’ (quoted in Y. Aleshkovsky et al., Tselkov, Milan, 1988, p. 293).

Mihail Chemiakin

Mihail Chemiakin

Mihail Chemiakin (1943)  Mihail Chemiakin is a Russian painter and sculptor whose... 

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are ex-Soviet, American-based artists who collaborate on environments...