Collection: Pierre Tal-Coat

Pierre Tal-Coat (real name Pierre Louis Jacob; 1905–1985) was a French artist considered to be one of the founders of Tachisme.  In 1956 six of his paintings were shown at the Venice Biennale with those of Jacques Villon and Bernard Buffet. In 1963 he collaborated alongside Joan Miró and Ubac in the creation of the Maeght foundation. He designed a wall mosaic for the entrance in 1968 and received the Grand Prix National des Arts. A large retrospective exhibition devoted to his work, was held at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1976.
Marc Chagall - Paris L'Opera le Plafond de Chagall (1964) - Lithograph, Marc Chagall - Hedonism Gallery
École de Paris
Soviet nonconformist art
Andy Warhol - Crash - Andy Warhol, Poster - Hedonism Gallery
Pop and street art
OBEY (Shepard Fairey) - Peace Fingers sculpture - OBEY (Shepard Fairey), Sculpture - Hedonism Gallery
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