Marina Abramović - Unconditional Love - 2023

Over the past 50 years, Abramović has captivated audiences by pushing the limits of her body and mind. With this intimate triptych, the art world warrior applies body to paper, carefully outlining her hands and iconic silhouette to create a striking new portrait. Expelling red pastel swirls of energy, the three prints centre around handwritten words taken from her ‘Unconditional Love’ manifesto, written and performed in 2023.

‘Marina Abramović, Unconditional Love is only available for a limited time on the CIRCA website between 14 December 2023 and Valentine's Day, 14 February 2024. These hand-signed, two-colour (black and red) screen-prints are offered affordably, with love from Abramović and CIRCA, to reach as many people as possible.

Medium: Screenprint on paper in 3 motifs. 
Size: 210 x 297mm (each)
Timed Edition
Signed and numbered COA

Marina Abramović - Unconditional Love - 2023 6076f8-4


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Takashi Murakami - NEO Tower Extra RARE Print - Print, Takashi Murakami - Hedonism Gallery

Extra RARE Print

Takashi Murakami - NEO Tower

The print is limited to only 100 copies, but at the end of the drop less than 100 copies were sold.

Look at the treasure
Gerhard Richter – Küchenstuhl (1965) - Gerhard Richter, Print - Hedonism Gallery


Gerhard Richter – Küchenstuhl (1965)

Limited edition print: 100 copies

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INVADER - 3D Little Big Space vinyl sculpture from Christie's (2022) - Invader - Hedonism Gallery


INVADER - 3D Little Big Space vinyl sculpture (2022)

PROVENANCE: CHRISTIE'S, London. 12–28 SEP 2023. Contemporary Edition. LOT 113.

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